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satin ice products

Satin Ice Products

Satin Ice: What it is, and Why You Should Give it a Try!

Here at The Cookie Countess, we are always on the lookout for products that can make a cookier’s life easier. But what exactly is a “cookier”?  Is it someone who makes and sells cookies for a living? Of course.  What about a hobby baker who only does cookies for friends and family?  Absolutely!  But what about the person who only wants to decorate cookies when their grandchildren come to town, or for their child’s birthday party, or as an activity when the entire country is under a once-in-a-lifetime lockdown mandate?  Well, I would say why not?  Beginner or “tourist” cookiers need some love too, and not everyone needs (or wants) to learn how to make the perfect royal icing.  To that end, we have brought in some new Satin Ice products that are perfect for someone who is just starting to dip their scribe in the waters, as well as some that experienced cookiers may just find helpful, too!

Ready-to-Use Cookie Icing

This Satin Ice product is geared toward the person who does not want to have to make royal icing.  These bottles of pre-colored icing can be used for outlining and flooding, and the colors are just beautiful!  The icing does dry hard like normal royal icing, but since the colors don’t have the white base that most experienced cookiers add, the dried cookies can show some butter bleed.  Is this something a professional cookier is going to add to their cookie decorating supplies?  Maybe not.  But it is an easy-to-use and fun product that even beginner cookiers can master.  Bonus— it’s yummy!

Meringue Powder

Some cookiers may remember when Satin Ice meringue powder could only be used to make meringues—well those days are gone, and Satin Ice has reformulated so that their meringue powder can pull double-duty and help with your royal icing, resulting in smooth, dry cookies perfectly ready for packaging.  As with any meringue powder-based icing recipe, make sure to not overmix, and follow visual cues to know when your icing is done—that bright white color is a great signal to look for to know when to shut that mixer off.  Use our Royal Icing recipe for a simple and delicious result!

Royal Icing Mix

Satin Ice Royal Icing Mix is a great product to have in the cupboard!  With just a little water, you can have royal icing ready to go without having to make a whole batch.  No need to have meringue powder on hand for this product.  Perfect for when you want to make royal icing transfers (or when you just need a little more icing!), this mix has a light vanilla flavor that can be augmented with the addition of the extract of your choosing.  This instant icing mix straddles the line between experienced cookiers (who among us hasn’t groaned about having to make a full batch of royal icing just to make samples or icing transfers?) and beginners who want to be a little more hands-on, so it’s a great product for anyone to add to their supply list. 

Ready-to-Use Royal Icing Pail

Not to be confused with the ready-to-use cookie icing, this product is pre-mixed to a thicker piping consistency, but it can be adjusted easily with the addition of water. Add colors and flavorings of your choice to really customize this mix, which is shelf stable for 30 days after opening.  Again, if an experienced cookier simply needs to make royal icing transfers or samples for next season’s cookie offerings, this is a great option.  For those cookiers who are newer to the process, this Satin Ice product is a tasty option that lets you skip the icing-making process but still allows you to play with color, consistency and flavor.

Fondant / Shimmer Fondant

It's no secret that Satin Ice is known for its fondant. This great fondant is easy to work with and is tasty, too!  Perfect for people who are experienced with using fondant in general, but also super easy for inexperienced decorators who may just want to cut out their cookie shape in the fondant and place it on top of their cookies instead of flooding with royal icing.  Topping sugar cookies with fondant is very popular abroad, but it’s becoming increasingly common here in the US as well.  This can be stenciled, airbrushed, decorated with royal icing, or hand-painted.  The sky is the limit with this product, and that subtle shimmer is so pretty!

Edible Paints (Primary and Metallic)

These pretty paints from Satin Ice are easy to use, and they paint on like a dream.  If you can hold a paintbrush, you can use these paints on cookies, cakes, macarons—whatever baked good your heart desires.  We have faith in you!  These come in Primary and Metallic sets, so no need to purchase a bunch of separate paints.  Simple for a beginner, but equally great to add to the experienced cookier’s toolkit.

As you can see, the Satin Ice line of products really does have something for everyone, no matter what point they are at in their cookie journey.  New and improved formulas mean that these products are even more versatile than in the past, and who doesn’t like something that’s easy to use?  If you have used these new Satin Ice products, let us know what you think!

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