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Recipes and Tutorials

  • How to Freeze Cookies

    How to Freeze Cookies

    Yes, you can freeze cookies! However, it's important that you freeze them at the right stage of baking and icing, and know how to properly defrost them. Always experiment first. Your freezer or cookie recipe may vary from the ones...

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  • Royal Icing Recipe

    Royal Icing Recipe

    This is my all time favorite royal icing recipe! This recipe uses 2 lbs of confectioners sugar but you mix in 1lb at a time. If you buy a 2lb bag just eyeball half the bag. This recipe also doubles...

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  • How To Color Royal Icing

    How To Color Royal Icing

    Royal icing (sometimes abbreviated to RI) is one specific type of icing that's used for cookies. What makes it different than buttercream or "frosting" is that royal icing hardens as it dries, so the people delighting in your cookies will...

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