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Cookie Countess Airbrush System User Guide

Airbrushing Basics

How do I use the airbrush system?

Our two most valuable pieces of advice:

1. Practice makes perfect.
Like any new skill, be patient with yourself as you learn. Make sure you understand the basics before diving into big projects!

2. Wash out your gun after every use.
This is a kitchen appliance and needs proper washing after each use to keep it working its best.

We HIGHLY recommend you watch our video tutorials on using the airbrush system here.

Royale Max: Unboxing & Getting Started

 Royale Mini: Unboxing & Getting Started


Before You Begin:

  1. Practice makes perfect! Give yourself time to learn the ins and outs of airbrushing and don’t be afraid to mess up a few times.
  2. Maintenance and cleaning are regular parts of owning an airbrush, so it’s important to become comfortable with the cleaning steps outlined in this guide.


Adding Color to your Machine:

  1. Protect your work area. Airbrush spray will travel so be sure to isolate your work surface and keep items/cookies you don’t want colored away from the airbrush gun.
  2. Add a few drops of airbrush color into your gun well.
    Color will not come out of the gun until you pull back on the trigger.
  3. Experiment with your machine on a paper towel to get used to the power of the trigger!


Adjusting Pressure & The Gun Trigger

  1. Press the round power button, and turn the pressure knob on high by turning it fully clockwise. The machine will work best on this setting; the goal is to keep the pressure as high as possible to get an even spray.
  2. The amount of color that will spray is determined by the amount you pull back on the gun trigger. Start by slowly pulling back on the trigger and spraying lightly as you learn the process of airbrushing.
  3. The best results will come from setting the machine on high pressure and gently pulling back on the trigger.



  1. For best results, apply color in layers – don’t try to create an even coat of color in a single pass.
  2. The distance between the airbrush gun and your work surface affects your spray pattern. We recommend spraying from a distance of 6-8” away from your surface.
  3. Being too close to the surface or pulling too hard on the trigger will result in splotchy color. Light layers are your friend here, too. Use steady, even passes to build up color.
  4. Practice spraying on a paper towel to get used to the system.
  5. Thorough rinsing your gun with warm water between colors can keep your gun running smoothly and minimize the risk of clogging.


Dry Time:

    • Dry time can vary from 2-15 minutes depending on how much color you put down. Experiment first! If it has been 45 minutes and your color is still tacky, it is likely that you have used too much color.


      How do I keep a stencil in place while airbrushing?

        • Hold your stencil in place with the reusable Stencil Genie or a Magnet Set and attach it to a metal cookie sheet.


            What colors can I use with airbrushing? Can I use gel colors?

            A word on using older colors or other brands:

            • Many colors, especially older colors that have been sitting on the shelf awhile (it happens!) become thick over time and can cause clogs. If you have trouble using a color other than The Cookie Countess brand, try running the machine on high with hot water only (put hot water in the well where the color goes).
            • You can put your finger over the front while it's spraying to kick back hot water into the well and unclog a machine.


            Which airbrush gun do I need?

            The Cookie Countess Airbrush system only works with a single-action gun.

            Every Airbrush system includes a .4mm Nozzle Single-Action Airbrush Gun. This gun can be used with any of our airbrush colors.

            Our .5mm Nozzle Single Action-Airbrush Gun can be purchased separately. The .5mm nozzle gun has a slightly bigger needle opening than the gun that comes with our system. It allows more room for thicker metallic airbrush colors - or for those that like to mix luster dusts with alcohol to make their own color. Please still be aware that some dusts/powders are simply not meant to be mixed and used in an airbrush gun, and can cause clogging.

            The .5mm gun is suitable for systems that are single action, and have a slide-on hose attachment - like the Cookie Countess system.

            What is Quick Connect, and how do I use it?

            Our Quick-Connect Adapter works with all The Cookie Countess brand airbrush guns and The Cookie Countess brand airbrush systems. It allows the airbrush gun to quickly disconnect from the hose to be swapped out with another gun within seconds, so you don't have to pause your decorating. 

            • Install onto existing airbrush guns, silver .4mm or gold .5mm
            • Fits both black and white Cookie Countess airbrush hoses
            • Works with both the Airbrush Royale (white) and Airbrush Max (black) systems.
            • Each adapter comes with two parts

            Quick Connect Installation Video:


            What does your warranty cover?

            The Cookie Countess Airbrush System comes with a 1-year warranty.

            The Cookie Countess warranties this product to be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of one (1) year following the date of purchase, provided that the product is used in compliance with the operating manual.

            This limited warranty does not cover failures due to abuse, accidental damage or when repairs have been made or attempted by anyone other than The Cookie Countess.

            A defective product meeting the warranty conditions set will be replaced or repaired at no charge by exchanging the product to The Cookie Countess with proof of purchase.

            Do not return to the store!

            For all assistance, including warranty information, please contact us at


            Airbrush Problem Troubleshooting

            My airbrush spray is blotchy or the gun is sputtering.

            Follow these troubleshooting steps:

            1. You may be too close to the work surface, pulling the trigger too hard, or using old/thick airbrush color.
            2. Try spraying plain, filtered water with the pressure knob set to high. If the gun doesn’t spray in a fine mist at full power, then you have a clog or partial clog
            3. If you have a clog, try pulling back the needle out of the back of the gun, unscrewing and nozzle cap, and flushing hot water through the well and out the nozzle. If it shoot out a clear stream you should be okay. If not, the nozzle may have to get cleaned. For a full in-dept video of machine cleaning visit this page.

            Still getting splotchy color? You may be using the machine on pressure that is too low! Try turning up the pressure to a medium-high setting.


            My airbrush spray is too strong, too weak, or random in pressure.

            Follow these troubleshooting steps:

            1. Check compressor. Detach the hose from the machine body, turn the machine on high and put your finger over the machine hose connection. You should feel pressure against your finger. If it makes no change, the compressor may be bad (this is a rare problem, please contact us).
            2. Check hose for leaks. If the hose connection is working, attach the hose to the compressor and put your finger over the other end of the hose. The hose should create pressure against your finger. If the hose does not have proper airflow it may be faulty. You can purchase a replacement hose from our website.
            3. Check gun. Attach your airbrush gun to the hose and make sure the needle cap (1) and nozzle cap (2) are on tight. Put filtered water in the gun well, turn on the machine, and gently pull the trigger. Water should come out in a fine mist. If the gun does not spray, follow unclogging instructions below.
            4. Advanced: Check Needle. With your machine off, unscrew the gun tail (14) and make sure the needle is going in and out with the trigger when it’s pulled back. If not, lightly press the needle toward the front of the gun and then screw the needle nut on tight. That will attach the trigger to the needle so that the needle pulls back with the trigger.
            5. You should be seeing better results at this point. If water is
              spraying out but the color is not, then it is likely a problem with
              your airbrush color.

            If you had a bad compressor or a leaky hose:

            1. If there is something wrong with our products, and still under warranty, we will send you replacements. Please contact us here.


            There are bubbles in my cup, how do I stop this?

              1. Let's first check to see if the compressor is working.
              2. Take the hose off the compressor and put your finger over the air port with the machine on high. Does it make a sound like the compressor is spooling up and the air presses against your finger? IF it makes no sound change then the compressor is broken but this is super rare.
              3. If the compressor does spool up then attach the white hose to the machine and put your finger over the other end of the white hose to check if there are any leaks in the hose. If not then attach the gun to the hose.
              4. Make sure the front caps of the gun are on tight. Put water in the well and spray it on high. A fine mist should shoot out. IF not put your finger over the front cap of the gun to check if the air is sent back into the well causing it to bubble.
              5. The compressor needs resistance to spool up and move air so if there is a leak in the system anywhere the gun won't pressurize and nothing will happen when you pull the trigger.
              6. If the well is still bubbling, you may need to clean a clog out of your system. View our video on how to take apart and clean your system here.


            Can I order replacement parts for my airbrush?

            Yes! Click these links for airbrush parts:

            .4mm Single-Action Airbrush Gun (Standard Gun)

            .5mm Single-Action Airbrush Gun (for shimmer, metallics)

            Replacement hose