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which airbrush is right for you

Which airbrush system is right for you?

So you’ve had your eye on an airbrush system for a while now, and you’re finally ready to pull the trigger (pun absolutely intended).  But now you have two fantastic Cookie Countess airbrush systems to choose from, and you have to decide which one is right for you—let’s look at some of the features and benefits of each one in order to help make that decision.

The Royale MAX

The new Royale Max system is great for newbies and experienced airbrushers alike.  Larger than the original system (it weighs approximately 3lbs and does have a larger footprint), it is adjustable up to 45psi—the higher pressure means that it can produce a finer mist of color when spraying.  It is also black, which is perfect for hiding unsightly airbrush color stains.  This compressor comes with one .4mm nozzle airbrush gun, two integrated gun holders, an airbrush gun cleaning kit, a lighted push-button on/off switch, and an adjustable pressure knob.  This system also comes equipped with a quick-connect gun adaptor; a slight pull on the adaptor allows you to swap guns easily, without the tugging on the air hose that you would otherwise have to do to make the switch. Watch our full quick connect explanation video below or by clicking here.

The Royale Mini

We're thrilled to introduce our latest airbrush system, The Cookie Countess Royale Mini Airbrush Machine, designed to make your cookie decorating journey easier and fun!


Since the release of our Royale Max Machine last fall, we've been hard at work developing the Royale Mini - the perfect lower priced airbrush for decorators of all levels. While this machine doesn’t have the unbelievably high 45PSI power of the Royale Max, it still packs a punch at 30PSI.  We made it our goal to add some of the features of the Max into the Mini: such as a quick connect gun system, sleek design with integrated gun holder and a free airbrush gun cleaning kit. And we did it all only raising the price $5 - compared to it’s predecessor, our original white airbrush system. 

We couldn’t keep bringing the cookie world all new products such as the Royale Mini without you and we truly appreciate all your love and support. Thank you for being a part of The Cookie Countess journey. We can't wait to see the beautiful creations you'll bring to life with our new airbrush system.

Both of these systems can be used to airbrush cookies, cakes, macarons, and more.  Additional guns and accessories are all available for purchase in our Airbrush Shop.

"I have been baking for years & recently started focusing more on my cookies. I never knew how airbrushing could take them to another level! This machine is so easy to use & I could not love it more. It makes me excited to come up with new ideas & creations. If you don’t have this, you need to get it, like yesterday!!!!"

Erin R

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Lisa - March 9, 2023

Hi! wondering if that quick connector is sold seperately as well and if it can be used with the original, smaller CC Airbrush machine?
thanks :)
The Cookie Countess replied:
Yes, the quick connect adaptor can be found in the dropdown menu listings for our replacement airbrush guns, and you can absolutely update your old guns to use them with the original compressor. You will need to purchase one adaptor per gun. I hope this helps!
The Cookie Countess replied:
Hi! Yes, it is sold as a separate product and it works with both the Airbrush Royale (white) and Airbrush Max (black) systems.

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