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Today we're talking tipless bags and stenciling with royal icing!

Tipless bags and stenciling may not seem like two topics that would end up in the same tutorial.... BUT, now through June 7 we are featuring our annual stencil sale - with ALL stencils 20% off -  and we have also put our tipless bags also on sale for 20% off. This is the perfect time to grab stencils for all your summer holidays and event, such as Father's Day, July 4th, weddings, graduation, back to school, picnics, and more! 

The first half of this live tutorial features Sarah explaining all about the tipless bags we sell here at The Cookie Countess. She also shows us how to cut the tips of the bags and how you might also choose to use the with a tip. 

Whether you're a professional baker or a novice cookie decorator, our Tipless Piping Bags are perfect for all your decorating needs. Use them for intricate designs, fine details, and even writing on your cookies with ease.

At The Cookie Countess, we know that quality is key when it comes to baking and decorating. That's why our Tipless Piping Bags are made of food-grade materials that are safe, sturdy, and reliable.

In the second half of our tutorial, Hillary talks bout stenciling with royal icing. Getting the right consistency is, as always, half the battle.  So she explains what to look for mixing your stencil icing, as well as best practices for applying, and scraping the icing on your stencil. Below you'll find links to some of the products Hillary used. 

The MiniMat is a silicone mat that's perfect for rolling out cookie dough, fondant, or gum paste. It's non-stick, so your dough won't stick to it, and it's super easy to clean. When stenciling I will place it under my cookie so my cookie doesn't slide.  It's seriously one of my favorite tools for cookie decorating! Plus, the MiniMat has a grid on it, so you can easily measure out your dough or fondant to get the perfect size for your cookies. It's seriously a game-changer!

I love how durable and high-quality the MiniMat is. It's made to last, and it's perfect for both home bakers and professional decorators.

Say hello to your new favorite spatula! The Cookie Countess, Hillary, wanted a spatula that was strong enough to hold up to the stiffest icing and was easy to clean.

The small size is perfect for spreading your icing when stenciling! 

Need an extra set of hands while stenciling? The Stencil Genie® has come to the rescue! This stencil holder frame is the perfect fit for our stencils. You simply place your stencil between the 2 frames with embedded magnets, and place over your cookie. The frame has 2 sides of different thicknesses so you are sure to find the perfect fit.nt to decorate with sprinkles any other way!

This is the perfect tool for stenciling with royal icing. Just the right blend of flexibility and rigidity to make your stenciled cookies come out perfect every time.

  • Made from FDA approved plastic
  • Measures 4.5" x 3.5" - you can use either side for scraping. 
  • Comes 3 to a pack.

Need an extra set of hands while stenciling? Try some magnets! Sold by the dozen, these 1/2" magnets are the perfect size for using with stencils. Place 2 under your stencil and one on top at the 4 corners of your stencil to hold it in place. Work on a magnetized cookie sheet to really hold everything in place! 

Just add water for instant black, stiff icing! Perfect for stenciling, dots and eyes, writing or thin it for flooding. The color does not need to sit and develop, it's ready to use immediately! 

Making delicious royal icing is now easier than ever with this ready-to-use mix.

  • Light vanilla flavor, no need to add flavoring
  • 8 oz bag, yields 3/4 cup icing
  • Make as much or as little as you need
  • 1 year shelf life
  • Made in the USA
  • Kosher (CRC)
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Nan - June 13, 2023

I was watching the “Tipless bags and stenciling with royal icing” video and it pauses and then video continues without audio at 9:47. I was listening about tipless bags. Thank you.
The Cookie Countess replied:
Sorry about that! You can watch the full video on our Instagram page and YouTube station as well!

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