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Building Your PYO Gingerbread House

Building Your PYO Gingerbread House

Decorated gingerbread houses are a timeless tradition enjoyed by all ages! At The Cookie Countess we have long offered “Paint Your Own” gingerbread house stencils for single cookies. But this year we decided to take it to a whole new level - literally! We’re so excited to introduce to you our new Gingerbread House Kit!  

This kit includes:

  • 3 cookies cutters - 3D printed right here at The Cookie Countess. 1 serves as the front and back, 1 as the roof pieces, and 1 for the sides
  • 4 stencils - 2 for the front/back 1 for the roof and 1 for the sides
  • A gold “cake” board for one assembly use (you can buy more here)
  • 1 sample “rainbow” paint palette and 1 brush (more brushes and palettes sold separately)
  • And a gorgeous and festive keepsake box!

Packaging Your Gingerbread House

packaged gingerbread house

For our customers that sell their cookie creations, we believe this will be a great addition to your offerings for the holiday season. You can sell them completely stenciled and assembled along with a paint palette and brush. Or go the extra step of adding an icing bag and small pack of sprinkles. You can also offer the kit in pieces, giving the customer extra icing for assembly themselves. In the photo here we used this box from the fabulous BRP Box Company.

If you sell them assembled, you can buy more gold boards here, and we suggest buying gift basket bags from your local Michael’s or Joann’s. 

Once you have the kit, you can also have the option of just using the font/back cutter and stencil to sell separately.  

Baking Tips

Here are some tips on making these adorable gingerbread houses whether for yourself, gifts or for sale. 

  • You can use your favorite vanilla royal icing recipe, or add in a special flavor like butter or cream cheese.
  • Using brown icing that matches the color of the cookie will help hide the “seams” in construction. 
  • If you are using a Cookie Countess paint palette to paint, we found that one Rainbow palette was enough to paint one full house, or choose 2 of our other 4 color palates for even more options! 

These gingerbread house are a great activity for parties, family gatherings and children’s cookie classes. They are sure make your holidays extra bright!

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