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Sugar Cookie Recipe

Sugar Cookie Recipe

Here's my favorite sugar cookie recipe!  2 cups granulated sugar 2 Cups (4 sticks) salted butter, softened 2 large eggs 2 teaspoons vanilla 1 teaspoon your flavoring of choice. I...

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  • Building Your PYO Gingerbread House

    Building Your PYO Gingerbread House

    Decorated gingerbread houses are a timeless tradition enjoyed by all ages! At The Cookie Countess we have long offered “Paint Your Own” gingerbread house stencils for single cookies. But this year we decided to take it to a whole new...

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  • Airbrushing Basics!

    Airbrushing Basics!

    Have a Cookie Countess Airbrush machine, or thinking about buying one? The videos below of lots of great info!   Visit and subscribe to The Cookie Countess YouTube channel!   The below video shows our 2017 system, with the moisture trap, and...

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  • Tipless bags! What's the deal?

    Tipless bags! What's the deal?

    "Tipless" piping bags are a recent trend in cookie decorating that is here to stay! But what are they? Basically they are a thin, disposable pastry bag that has very little seam, and a finished point, so you are able to...

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  • How to use Sweet Stamps!

    How to use Sweet Stamps!

    Curious about our new product Sweet Stamp? It's never been easier and prettier to apply personalized messages to your cookies, cakes or cupcake toppers. With SWEET STAMP by AmyCakes you can easily emboss your message or name then paint. No...

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  • Cleaning and Troubleshooting Your Airbrush Gun

    Cleaning and Troubleshooting Your Airbrush Gun

    You made a great decision in purchasing a Cookie Countess airbrush system! For a full User Guide and Troubleshooting Guide, visit this page! This video will explain how to set-up and operate your system, as well as cleaning and troubleshooting...

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  • Mixing airbrush colors!

    Mixing airbrush colors!

    Mixing Airbrush colors? Sure! Why not!! Be experimental! Here are some ideas on how to achieve some awesome colors!! And what's a "part"? Well remember those annoying fractions from elementary school? Just think of it that way. Parts to a...

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