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Raspberry Sugar Cookie Recipe for Cookie Cutters

Raspberry Sugar Cookie Recipe for Cookie Cutters

How to make raspberry rollout cookies, with real raspberries! Capture the flavor of summer with these delicious cookies. You can ice these with royal icing (recipe here) or enjoy them as-is. This recipe uses Freeze Dried Raspberry Powder, a specialty ingredient that's well worth having in your cupboard.
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sam naili - November 2, 2022

hello thank you for these recipes is it possible to replace the raspberry emulsion with Aroma or flavor paste is it equivalent thank you and I also take this opportunity to ask you something Is it normal for the icing to become dull as it dries it shouldn’t be shiny?. it’s that I divided the quantities of icing by four I just wanted to do a test and not make a large quantity and I worked by hand not with a robot. thank you very much for your information,
sami from france

bonjour merci pour ces recettes est ce qu’il est possible de remplacer l’émulsion de framboise par de l’Arôme ou de la pate d’arôme est ce que c’est équivalent merci et j’en profite aussi pour vous demander une chose est ce que c’est normal que le glaçage devienne terne en séchant il ne devrait pas être brillant?. c’est que j’ai divisé les quantités du glaçage par quatre je voulais juste faire un test et ne pas faire du coup une grande quantité et j’ai travaillée à la main pas au robot. merci beaucoup pour vos informations,
samia de france
The Cookie Countess replied:
Hello Sam I’m glad you like the recipes. The raspberry emulsion enhances the flavor of the fruit by being concentrated. This recipe also uses freeze dried raspberry powder. That by itself gives the cookie enough flavor. You could use extract or paste instead of the emulsion. Taste test it first since those are different products, you might need more or less than what the recipe requires of the emulsion. As for the icing being dull, I would recommend you use a fan to dry your cookies. Put it so that it sends air indirectly to your cookies.

Kimmy - September 13, 2022

Salted or unsalted butter? Thanks!
The Cookie Countess replied:
Hi Kimmy! Wil used salted butter for this recipe. If you only have unsalted on hand, that will work too – just add a pinch of salt to the butter and sugar mixture and you’ll be good to go.

Joan - August 13, 2022

The description of this recipe states it uses freeze dried raspberry powder, however the recipe calls for raspberry emulsion. How much of the raspberry powder do you use?
The Cookie Countess replied:
Joan, this recipe uses both raspberry emulsion and freeze dried raspberry powder because it gives better flavor. The raspberry powder is added in Step 3, combine it with the flour before adding to your wet ingredients. I hope that helps! – Hannah

Lyn - August 12, 2022

Where can we purchase freeze dried raspberry powder? Thanknu
The Cookie Countess replied:
Hi Lyn! We purchased our Raspberry Powder from<>, just search “raspberry powder” on their site and it should pop up!

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