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Pastel Patterns On Mini Eggs

Pastel Patterns On Mini Eggs

Adding simple, airbrushed patterns is the perfect way to make the small space of a mini egg cookie pop! And who doesn't love a happy argyle or gingham pattern? I also love this technique because it allows you to flood all your cookies with white - a huge time saver - and add your color through airbrushing. For these cookies I used the same technique of creating custom pastel airbrush colors as I did in this Valentine’s blog.  


I also made some royal icing transfers ahead of time to add to these cookies - another huge timesaver. For this technique you can freehand your design on to parchment, or place a design transfer sheet under the parchment to trace. You can make your own pattern sheets from clipart, or you can download ours at the end of this blog! Let your icing transfers dry overnight before carefully removing. These can be made and stored well in advance - just keep out of sunlight so they don't fade. 

Supplies used:


When airbrushing cookies that have multiple stencil steps, be sure to allow the first layer to fully dry before moving on to the second step. Using the Royale Max airbrush with it's quick connect capabilities, and two gun holders, made it super easy to switch back and forth between two colors.

The argyle cookie takes three steps to complete - but so worth it! First airbrush the harlequin stencil with your base color - on these cookies I used a mixture of Preppy Pink and Whipped White. When that is dry you will use the diagonal stripe stencil, centering it across the open space of the harlequin. For the blue I used a mixture of Beachy Blue Airbrush Color and Whipped White. To add some sparkle, spray the Super Pearl glitter over the stencil while the airbrush lines are still wet and before you remove the stencil. Viola! Then repeat this same process with the second set on lines. 

For the blue gingham egg, I used the same Beachy Blue and Whipped White mixture and turned my diagonal stripe stencil to about a 45 degree angle. I decided to use the Magic Screen here to ensure my lines were nice a crisp. Once dry you'll repeat the same process in the opposite direction. 

To add your royal icing transfer designs just add a small amount of icing to the back of the transfer to "glue" it to the cookie. And you're done! This may seem like a lot of steps - but you save so much time in not having to mix and flood different colors, it's worth the extra airbrushing steps. You could also never achieve this look with icing alone. Click the download button below to get a free PDF with the exact templates used in this blog!

Packaging these adorable little cookies in our egg cartons is really the icing on the cookie ;) You can match your cookies to the different color cartons, or use our new Denim Dozen carton as a perfect neutral. Your customers or gift recipients will love these sweet packages for Easter. 


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Buffy Gardner - February 2, 2023

Very fun concise tutorial, and thank you for the transfer templates. Best Wishes. The Huffy Bunny

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