How to Make Pastel Airbrush Colors
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How to Make Pastel Airbrush Colors

How to Make Pastel Airbrush Colors

Cookie Countess airbrush colors are fantastically vibrant and colorful—but what if you want something a little more muted?  Spring is right around the corner, after all, and with it all the lovely pastels. You may think you just need to airbrush less, and really lightly, with your color. But this does not give you full color coverage, and can end up looking spotty.  So how can you achieve those pastel colors on your cookies? 


Well, the simple answer is—add white!  If you didn’t know before now, mixing airbrush colors can result in some really beautiful shades and tints.  Looking for something earthy?  Add a touch of brown.  Something darker?  Add a drop of black or gray.  And if you are looking to achieve a pretty pastel color, add white.  It really is that easy!


If you were looking to make a deep, rustic green color, you would start with a base of green and add a drop of brown until you achieved the color you were looking for.  With pastels, this process is reversed.  Start with a base of white and add a drop or two of your darker color so that your result stays on the lighter end.  I like using one of our flexible silicone bowls for mixing colors, as I can squeeze the bowl into a spout to pour directly into my airbrush gun.  Or for larger batches of color - or if I want to save the color -  using a flip-top bottle is great for easy shaking and pouring.  Colors will want to separate if left to sit, so make sure to give a shake or a stir before the next use.


Mixing with white can result in lovely chalky pastel colors perfect for making Conversation Heart cookies.  And you can make various shades of that same pastel by adding more (or less) of your darker color.  If shimmer is more your style, mix with Pretty Pearl Shimmer for a similar, slightly more sparkly effect.  Happy color-mixing!

Watch this reel to see how I made these colors! ⬇️
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