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How to Pack PYO Cookies & Palettes

How to Pack PYO Cookies & Palettes

One of the questions we get asked a lot at The Cookie Countess, is how to best package Paint Your Own (PYO) cookies with our ready made paint palettes. Well, we have the answer!

We sell a few products that will allow you to pack cute PYO kits that are easy to transport and hand out at parties. They're kid-friendly and totally customizable.

Printable PYO Cookie Instruction Sheets

If you want to include a printed instruction sheet on how to use PYO palettes, you can download that PDF here.


supplies for PYO cookies

  1. Ultra Clear Cookie Bags
  2. Clear Lip & Tape Bags
  3. Edible Paint Palettes
  4. Paint Brushes
  5. Ribbon (your choice, you can find cute patterns here)
  6. You'll also need your cookies (obviously!) make sure the icing is completely dry before bagging.

Step 1

Insert one Edible Paint Palette into a Clear Lip & Tape Bag. This will keep the edible paint from touching the cookie or transferring. Don't seal the bag yet.

Step 2

Insert a Disposable Paint Brush into the same bag as the Edible Paint Palette. You now have a little packaged paint & brush kit ready to go.

Step 3

Insert your cookie into the Ultra Clear Cookie Bag.

Step 4

Place your paint & brush kit bag into the Ultra Clear Cookie Bag. Place it behind the cookie so you can still see the design (kids love to pick their own designs).


Step 5

Tie the top of the bag with a piece of ribbon or string. Feel free to get creative. You can decorate the bags with hanging tags, stickers, or just keep them simple.


If you like to box your cookies, the poly bags are great to go inside a box as well and help keep the cookies fresher for longer.

Be sure to tag us on social media with your PYO cookies. We love to see our customers creations! Find us on Instagram and Facebook.


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