Can You Freeze Edible Paint Palettes?
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Can You Freeze Edible Paint Palettes?

Can You Freeze Edible Paint Palettes?

This is possibly one of the most-asked questions sent to our support team, so without further ado…


Quick answer: Yes.
There is nothing in the palettes that is not able to be frozen.
Longer answer: Still yes, but also…maybe.


Again, the palettes themselves can be frozen without issue. The real question is how you are putting them in the freezer. Are you tucking the naked palette behind a cookie and then freezing? This could cause moisture issues that could be problematic when you defrost your cookie.

Palettes should always be sealed separately from cookies. This way, moisture from the defrosting cookie cannot activate the paint swatches and cause smudging. You can find bags that fit our PYO palettes here, and these can easily slide into another cookie bag behind your PYO cookie.


At the end of the day, your packaging, freezing, and defrosting process may be different than another cookier’s, so the best thing you can do is a test run:

  • Pack and seal everything the way you ordinarily would, and then freeze.
  • Defrost like normal, and then inspect your cookie and palette.

This should give you an accurate idea of if your process works well, or if there’s something you need to tweak.


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Leotina - January 23, 2023

Why would you want to freeze your pallets?
The Cookie Countess replied:
Great question! Some cookiers who know they have a large PYO cookie order coming up will try to get ahead of things and make and freeze the cookies ahead of time. If they can pre-package everything together (including the palettes), then it’s just a matter of defrosting, and you’re 100% ready to go.

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