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How to Decorate a Spooky Graveyard Cookie with Airbrush and Royal Icing

Halloween is my absolute favorite cookie season by far, because you can be as over-the-top and fun as you want, or you can go creepy and mysterious—and there are so many pop culture references! The sky is the limit with Halloween designs, and no one even bats an eye at eating a bloody eyeball or a zombie hand—err, cookies shaped like eyeballs and zombie hands, that is!


Although I personally am a gigantic scaredy cat, I do love a spooky graveyard scene, and putting one on a cookie is easier than you may think. This particular technique involves stenciling the graveyard with both airbrush and royal icing, but if you don’t have an airbrush, you can still make a slightly simpler version of this cookie!

snowglobe cookie

The video in this blog shows how I made this hexagon shaped cookie just using our new Royale Mini Airbrush System. Read the steps below to learn how I made the very similar version with royal icing and snow globe cutter.

hexagon cookie

Step 1

To start, flood your cookie the creepy background color of your choice. You can’t go wrong with a Glowing Green or Positively Purple for an otherworldly graveyard effect. Allow to completely dry.

Step 2

Next, situate the Graveyard Scene stencil in the midground of the cookie and airbrush a light layer of Tuxedo Black airbrush color to give a spooky background effect. This works best if you use the far left or far right part of the stencil so that you can use the opposite part of the graveyard scene in the next step. (If you don’t have an airbrush, you can leave this step out completely.)

Step 3

Once the background graveyard is dry, flip the stencil so that the parts of the graveyard that were on the right are now on the left (and vice versa), re-situate the stencil in a way that it overlays the bottom of the airbrushed background design, and scrape with black royal icing to add the foreground graveyard. Make sure to align the bottom of the open stencil area past the bottom of your cookie so that you don’t leave a harsh edge line on the face of the cookie. Clean up your edges with a Thingamagenie as needed.

Step 4

If you have an airbrush, here’s where you can add some eerie details. If you want to leave a moon silhouette in the sky above your graveyard, use a round object like a larger piping tip (or a piece of paper, etc) to block out where you want the moon to be. Gently spray around the edges of the round shape with a silver shimmer, enough to leave the outline behind. You can add a little more silver across the sky if desired, but once you are done with the moon and background, add a drop of Tuxedo Black airbrush color to your silver shimmer to make a metallic dark pewter color that you can use to lightly add some cloud cover to your night sky. Make as many or as few clouds as you like, even overlapping them across your moon shape for a spooky mist effect, but use a very light hand so that you don't end up with harsh lines. The goal is for the “clouds” to still be see-through and create a foggy atmosphere floating through and above your graveyard scene.

Step 5

If you don’t have an airbrush, you can mimic this look with Roxy & Rich black luster dust and a dry, blunt paintbrush. Gently buff and brush small amounts of luster dust across the sky, layering more color where you want the shadows and clouds to be darker. Petal dust can be used similarly, although it will leave more of a matte finish.

Step 6

Because no project is ever complete without some sparkle (in my opinion), feel free to add a quick spritz of Roxy and Rich Super Pearl Sparkle Dust across the whole cookie to add a little extra spooky shimmer to your graveyard scene without adding any extra color. 

Step 7

To make this snowglobe cutter into a creepy crystal ball graveyard scene, pipe the base of the shape with black icing, allow to dry, and then brush with Gold Luster Dust that has been mixed with Everclear or vodka. This gives a great antique look that goes so well with our creepy vibe. Alternatively, use this graveyard design to elevate a simple plaque shape on its own! It works great as a background or as the star of the show. Either way, your graveyard cookies are sure to make for a spooky Halloween!


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