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Cookie Leaf Place Cards for Thanksgiving or Fall Gatherings

Cookie Leaf Place Cards for Thanksgiving or Fall Gatherings

View our video tutorial for these edible autumn place cards. Your guests will love them!

You will need (find the products mentioned at the links)

ALTERNATIVE TO AIRBRUSH - you can nix the airbrush and flood the cookies a solid color before using the parchment paper.

supplies for this recipe


View the Video Tutorial:


leaf cookies


leaf shaped cookie with a name written on it

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Ellison Joseph - August 22, 2023

I love this idea for place cards. How was the stencil used to create the wood grain. I’m still a novice and would love to learn. Also I’m thinking of buying an air brush. Do you have a recommendation for a beginner?
The Cookie Countess replied:
Hi Ellison! The wood grain was airbrushed using our Cookie Countess Royale airbrush system and airbrush colors, as well as our Wood Grain stencil, all of which is great for beginners. We should be back in stock on it next week 😊 I hope this helps!

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