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How To Make Funny Face Cookies: Easy cookies with a big impact!

Remember when our parents used to tell us not to play with our food? Nuh-uh, couldn't be us! We're not like regular moms--we're cool moms (and dads). And we know that sometimes a cookie can be more fun if you can play with it first! Here's a quick guide for how to make Funny Face cookies that everyone will love.


The first step, of course, is to make the actual cookies. (This isn't where you get to play with them, though--no one likes salmonella poisoning.)

First, roll out your dough to at least 5/16" thick using the Cookie Countess Precision Rolling Pin. If you typically roll your cookies to ¼" thick, trust me--you need the extra thickness for stability with these cookies. Use the Funny Face Cookie Cutter to cut out your shapes and transfer them to a cookie sheet. Don't crowd these cookies, or you won't have room to add your cookie sticks!

Chilling these dough cutouts is optional, but it can be helpful for this next step! Once the dough is firmed up a bit, gently insert an oven-safe cookie stick at the bottom of each of the cookie shapes. Bake as usual and allow to cool.


From warty witches to cute turkeys to Easter bunnies--the possibilities are endless. And the best part? It's so simple! The fastest way for decorating any face cookie to go downhill FAST is by putting eyeballs on it. All it takes is one wonky eye, and I start questioning if I was meant for the cookier life, after all. I live in fear of people asking for character cookies. ::Shudder::

But that's what makes the Funny Face cookies so easy--you're only decorating the bottom half of the face! Pipe on a Santa beard or kitty whiskers or vampire fangs, let them dry, and you're all done!


Snip a tiny hole in the bottom middle of a matching Clear Lip & Tape Bag and pop your cookie into the bag, stick first. Carefully feed the stick through the tiny hole you snipped, and seal the bag. Leave a little extra room at the top of the bag, because here comes the fun part.

Depending on the face you have made, attach the matching Funny Face Bag Topper  to the top of the bag by carefully securing with a staple on each side. You now have a completed face cookie that is packaged adorably and easily! 


And here's where you can finally let those kiddos play with their food! Once the cookies are removed from the bag and topper, they can enjoy holding them up to their own faces and pretending to be a werewolf or Christmas elf. Make one design or several, and feel good about encouraging children to engage in imaginative play. Ipad who? You and your cookies are heroes, really, I would say. Well done, and keep up the good work!

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