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Coffee Flavored Sugar Cookie Recipe

Coffee Flavored Sugar Cookie Recipe

How to make coffee sugar cookies. These rich, flavorful cookies hold their shape when cut out. By using both Instant Espresso Powder and Coffee Extract in these cookies, you'll get a bold but smooth real coffee flavor. Top these with chocolate royal icing (recipe) for a Tiramisu flavored cookie.
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Noreen Ahern - August 4, 2022

I’m anxious to try this Coffee Flavored cookie, but would like to use a light colored royal icing. Can you suggest a flavor to use in the icing that would be compatible to the cookie?
If I were to tint the icing a light beige with a coffee flavoring would that be to much coffee?

Cynthia Mediate - August 4, 2022

Is it necessary to sift the flour?

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