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3 Ways To Decorate a Chocolate Covered Oreo

3 Ways To Decorate a Chocolate Covered Oreo

Today I'm going to show you 3 ways to easily decorate and upgrade your chocolate covered Oreos.

If you've decorated sugar cookies before, you probably already have all the supplies you need right in your kitchen. If you're missing something, we've got you covered. Click the links in this article to find the best supplies for decorating chocolate covered Oreos at any skill level! All chocolate Oreo making supplies can be found here.

See our blog post on How to Make Chocolate Covered Oreos with our silicone mold here.

1. Stencils

Stencils are a great way to add interest and excitement to the surface of a chocolate covered oreo. We have stencils designed specifically for the size of oreos and macarons. Standard stencils will also work on an oreo when used with a stencil adaptor, found here. You might find it helpful to use a stencil genie with the XTC adaptor while stenciling oreos because of their height, or you can do it freehand. 

Our Tip: Chocolate and candy melts tend to dry FAST - be sure to lift the stencil up immediately after scraping to avoid it sticking to the oreo. You can always go back and place the stencil back on the oreo once it's dry to add glitter or other edible decor to the stencil design. 

 2. Chocolate Drizzle

A chocolate drizzle finish requires the least amount of effort out of all these ideas, and still looks amazing. Easily tint white chocolate melts to be any color you want using this food coloring for chocolate. Load the chocolate into a tipless bag, use scissors to make a small opening and drizzle away! 

Our Tip: When drizzling the chocolate, start to drizzle back and forth a few times next on a piece of paper towel or parchment to get control of the flow of the chocolate before letting it fall onto the oreo. 

3. Marbled Effect 

This is one of our favorite ways to add dimension to a chocolate covered Oreo. It's similar to our Marbled Royal Icing Cookie tutorial. While 2 colors of chocolate tend to create the best results for this method, you could try this with as many colors as you want!

To make this Oreo, start with two separate bowls of white melted chocolate or candy melts. We used this Powdered Food Color to dye our white candy melts a light pink color as seen in the photo above, and chose to keep the melts white as the second color.

You'll then want to start pouring the melts into your silicone mold, alternating back and forth between the two colors. Use a scribe or a toothpick to gently swirl the colors together until you're satisfied with the level of marbling, and repeat until the cookie is fully covered. 

Our tip: Don't swirl too much, or you'll end up mixing the two colors together completely and won't get the marbled effect you're looking for. 




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RW - July 17, 2023

Beautiful and helpful, thank you. 2 Questions. How did you 1. add the sugars to the outside edge so perfectly, and 2. add “Thank You!” in gold glitter?
The Cookie Countess replied:
The sides of the first Oreo were brushed with some melted chocolate to act as a glue and then rolled in sugar. The Thank You was stenciled on with royal icing, and then spritzed with gold sparkle dust before the stencil was removed, leaving just the lettering sparkly 😊 I hope this helps!

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