How To Make Easy Marble Dipped Heart Sugar Cookies
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How To Make Easy Marble Dipped Heart Sugar Cookies

How To Make Easy Marble Dipped Heart Sugar Cookies

We LOVE an icing dipped cookie, and these marble dipped sugar cookie hearts are no exception! So easy to do, and almost impossible to mess up. No two dips are exactly alike, resulting in unique cookies that everyone will love. 

These heart cookies are the perfect activity for kids (big and small) to do around Valentines Day for a sweet treat. 

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How To Marble Dip Sugar Cookies  

Step 1: Start with a bowl of white royal icing. The icing should be a little thinner than your usual flooding consistency. 


Step 2: Drizzle in your red royal icing going back and forth to create a random pattern of lines. 


Step 3: Dip your cookie! A quick dip is all you need. Make sure to lift the cookie up and use a sharp tool like a scribe to catch the excess icing and keep the marbled icing even. 


Step 4: Mix the icing together to create a new pink base layer for the next round of cookie dipping. Make sure to smooth out any air bubbles that pop up before dipping the next cookies. 


Step 5: Repeat steps 2-5 as many times as you want until all your cookies have been beautifully marbled. 


Optional decorating: For an extra touch, use edible paint to add lines alongside the lines in the marbled pattern. Wait until cookies are dry to do this step, to avoid the paintbrush poking holes in the royal icing. 

Our Favorite Gold Edible Paints: 










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