What is a Cookie Cube?
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What is a Cookie Cube?

What is a Cookie Cube?

Exclusively at The Cookie Countess! We reinvented the cookie box into a portable display unit for your creations.

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  • Designed by The Cookie Countess
  • Made of sturdy food-safe, glossy coated cardstock
  • Full box dimensions: 9" long, 5" wide, 4.5" high
  • Fits six 3.5" cookies in the exterior window space
  • Boxes come flat packed, assembly is easy

How many cookies can you fit? Depends on the size of the cookie! It fits 12 large (3.5") cookies, you could easily fit 18 2" cookies.

Easy packing for cookie sets. Pack your cookies in this box for a display that WOWS! If you're not serving the cookies that day, we recommend bagging your cookies in clear bags first.

Useful inside space. The interior space can be left empty or used for: extra cookies, gifts/toys, candy, gift cards, icing bags and sprinkles for DIY cookie kits.

Can be shipped inside the US and US territories only.

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