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Vintage Inspired Pastel Christmas Cookies - How To

Vintage Inspired Pastel Christmas Cookies - How To

Walking through a winter wonderland, with hot cocoa in hand and visions of sugar plums... well, you know the rest. We're all about vintage vibes this winter! I was inspired by a recent purchase of some glittering, pastel mini Christmas trees for these cookies. I used our new Christmas stencils, and custom mixed airbrush colors to create this soft palette that shimmers like new fallen snow. 


Mixing airbrush colors is super easy! Having an empty bottle like this one makes it even easier. For these shimmer pastels I started with a good amount of Pretty Pearl, and then added small drops of the main color until I achieved the desired color. Shake to mix! I also used these same custom mixed airbrush colors to paint the flowers on these cookie! I stencils with white, and then went back when dry, to paint the details. The results are delicate and beautiful, and easy to do! 

I hope these inspire you to try something new for Christmas this year! ~Hillary 

Airbrush Colors:

Painting Supplies:

Cookie Cutters:




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