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Sanding Sugar Bunny Cookies

Sanding Sugar Bunny Cookies

Want to offer an adorable bunny cookie for Easter but cringe in fear at the idea of piping faces that could make your cookie look more mutant than bunny? Have no fear! Cookies that look like Peeps marshmallow bunnies are the easiest thing to do, and they are super recognizable, so no facial details are necessary! 

Supplies We Used

Step 1:

Flood your bunnies with whatever pastel colors you want them to be. I prefer to use a stiffer flood for these cookies than I normally use, because the next step is to sprinkle them with sanding sugar, and I want the icing to support the sugar, not allow it to sink.

Step 2:

To that end, once you flood the cookies, let them start to dry for a minute. The icing will still be tacky enough that the sugar will stick, but not so wet that it will immediately sink. 

Step 3: 

Place your cookie in a flat, shallow dish (or if you’re doing a bunch at a time, you may find it easier to place them on a cooling rack and then put the rack over a cookie sheet that has a rim) and gently and evenly shake plain white sanding sugar over your cookies. The color of the icing will come through, so no need to worry about buying or making different colors of sanding sugar. Any sugar caught in the bottom of your dish or cookie sheet can be funneled right back into your sugar container for reuse.

Step 4: 

Once your cookies have dried for a little while, pipe a cute bunny tail on using stiff white icing and a star tip. Adorable, and super easy!


If you're looking for a cute and easy way to package these cookies - check out our new fun shaped bags here.


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Jackie - March 29, 2023

Love this tutorial!! Thanks!

The Cookie Countess replied:
You’re so welcome! 😊

Kay Sigl - March 21, 2023

Hello I use a clean coffee filter to set my cookies in to sand them. It makes pouring the sugar back into the container easier. I hope this is helpful. Love your products!
The Cookie Countess replied:
That’s a great tip, Kay! 😊

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