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Piping easy flowers for the perfect Spring cookies!

Piping easy flowers for the perfect Spring cookies!

Have you been wanting to make cookies with flower accents, but didn't know where to start? I'll show you how easy it it to add trendy flower accents to your cookies.

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Decorating tips

Gel icing colors

Diagonal Wide Stripe Stencil

Stencil Holder


Airbrush machine

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Kiesha - February 2, 2023

OMGeeee! You made this look so easy. The design is amazing and I can’t wait to try florals now. I had been too skittish before seeing your tutorial. Thank you! 🫶🏾

Louise - January 12, 2023

Do you have a recipe for a chocolate cookie that also doesn’t rise for royal icing decorations?
The Cookie Countess replied:
We do! I can’t link it in this response, but if you look in our blog posts you will find it!

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