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Mixing airbrush colors

Mixing airbrush colors

Mixing Airbrush colors? You sure can! Here are some ideas on how to achieve unique colors.

And what's a "part"? Well remember those annoying fractions from elementary school? Just think of it that way. Parts to a whole. 10 parts to 1 part could be 10 teaspoons to one teaspoon... 10 drips of the bottle to one drip. Or just eyeball and hope for the best? Maybe? But have fun! Just be sure to mix enough of your custom color to get you through your project.

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Deanna Martin - June 23, 2023

I need a recipe for Peach airbrush color. Any recommendations?

The Cookie Countess replied:
Hi Deanna! Peach is essentially just red, white, and yellow, so that’s your base. I would recommend starting with a larger amount of white and adding even (small) amounts of red and yellow to start. Mix, reassess, and add more of either or both colors to adjust your shade.

Kristin Keator - May 22, 2023

I need to make burnt orange for Auburn cookies. How would I do that?
The Cookie Countess replied:
Any “burnt” color typically has a little brown added. I would start with a base of Outrageously Orange, and add a dab of brown to start, adjusting as needed. Good luck!

Elizabeth O'Connell - March 13, 2023

Can you recommend a formula for a forest green or a dark green?
The Cookie Countess replied:
We actually carry a Forest Green airbrush color in our Rustic Colors line 😊 You can darken it even further by adding a small amount of brown or black, depending on the tone you are trying to achieve.

Jane Bourscheidt - January 12, 2023

I need a recipe for Maroon airbrush color! I have 2 grandsons who play 3 sports for a Maroon team. TIA!
The Cookie Countess replied:
To make a maroon color, I would try a ratio of 2 drops of Royal Red Velvet and 3 drops of totally brown, and continue to add color using that ratio until your desired color is achieved.

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