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Use code COOKIE15 for 15% off EVERYTHING! Ends 2/20 at 11:59pm EST
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Live Replay: Unboxing and getting started with your airbrush with Hillary & Sarah

This week Hillary & Sarah went live on Instagram and Facebook to fully unbox both the Royale Max and Mini Airbrush Systems. Watch the replay below if you missed it! 

Scroll down to see some of the common questions aked during the live & their answers as well. 

Questions & Answers

Q: Does airbrush color have a long shelf life?

A: Yes! It’s water based, so it’s good on your shelf for a long time. A few tips on storing airbrush colors:

  1. Store bottles upright in a cool, dry area.
  2. Shake colors well before use - it is normal for some colors to separate after long periods on inactivity, but they should be fine to use once shaken up and reincorporated.

Q: Are there any taste concerns with the airbrush color, especially if you’re using a lot (relatively speaking) such as with coating an entire cookie?

A: No, there really isn't. It’s mostly water based with the other ingredients just being food color, so there is no detectable food color taste even if you’re sparying the entoire background of a cookie. You definitely might get a bright pink mouth from eating a bright pink airbrush cookie until you brush your teeth, but there should not be any taste issues.

Q: What finger are you supposed to use to pull back the trigger on your airbrush gun?

A: Most people tend to use their pointer finger, but I like to use my thumb! It’s honestly just figuring out whatever feels comfortable for you - when it comes to functionality, the airbrush gun doesn’t prefer a specific finger over the other.

The most important thing you can do is not think of the trigger like an on/off switch. You’ll want to spend some time practicing and playing around with the amount you pull back the trigger for different situations.

Using old coloring books, or printing out blank coloring pages and airbrushing in the lines is a great way to practice this!

Q: What does the Magic Stencil Screen do?

A: The Magic Stencil Screen is a tool we invented to hold your stencil reeeeeeally tight to your cookie to give you the least amount of overspray possible.

Q: Where should you have the pressure knob set to?

A: I always have mine turned on the highest pressure and use the trigger to control how much color is coming out.

Q: What is the benefit of the larger .5mm airbrush gun?

A: The .5mm gun is better suited to handle thicker colors, like white or metallic!

Q: How much color should I add to the airbrush color well?

A: My rule of thumb is to add color until I reach the part of the color well that turns from a curved cup into a straight ridge - if you look at the gun you will see what I mean.

Q: How many cookies can I airbrush with one well full of airbrush color?

A: This is a tricky one to answer because it really depends on the individual user. Factors like how much of the cookie you’re airbrushing, how deep you want the color to be, how heavy or light handed you are on the trigger and how big or small the cookie is will all play into the amount of cookies you can get done before adding more color to your airbrush gun. The best way to figure out how much you use, is really to just use it! Once you have done a few sets of airbrush cookies, you will have a much better feel of how much color you use and how frequently you will have to refill the color well in different decorating scenarios.

Q: How do you avoid getting airbrush on the sides of your cookies when you’re doing shading work?

A: The short answer is, you don’t! It is really unavoidable, and not something most people will notice if they are eating the cookie. If your cookie has a straight edge, you can always use a hand grater and lightly shave off the layer of cookie that got excess airbrush color on it!

Products shown in the video:

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Lorie - December 18, 2023

I recently bought the original machine and literally thought why is there not a quick connect. Trying to get the hose on and off is not easy. Wish timing wise I would hav e got the newer version if I’d known 🤷‍♀️
Guess it’s just a timing issue for me… is there any exchange programs?
The Cookie Countess replied:
Hi Lorie! You can actually purchase quick connect adapters right on our site to switch your old system over to a quick connect version! 😊 Just make sure you purchase one adapter per gun. For any further specific questions, please reach out to us directly at<>. I hope this helps!

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