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Magic Stencil Screen™ Airbrushing Tool

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Abracadabra! Get crisp, clean airbrushing lines and reduce under-spray with the Magic Stencil Screen™. You can wash it, reuse it, and sleep soundly knowing that it’s food contact safe. Like a silk screen, but better!

  • Made of food safe stainless steel, no plastic parts.
  • Use it on its own, or with the Stencil Genie (sold separately).
  • 8 1/2 inches diameter fits most stencils.
  • Designed by The Cookie Countess.


  • If using a Stencil Genie, the Magic Stencil Screen always goes on top of your stencil.
  • Place the Magic Stencil Screen over your stencil and position it on the cookie. The screen should be directly on top of the stencil.
  • Airbrush using light passes, while holding your gun 6-8 inches from the cookie.
  • For experienced airbrushers, you may find you need to use more airbrush color than without this screen. That's normal, since the screen will trap some of the color.
  • Lift the screen, and reveal your perfect airbrushing!

Care: To clean, simply run under warm water between uses. For stubborn stains, wash with mild dish soap and warm water. Pat dry. Not dishwasher safe. The frame of the stainless steel screen is aluminum, and may discolor over time. This does not affect the product.

Not for use with royal icing or other frostings. Do not apply adhesives directly to the screen. Do not bend.

 Designed by The Cookie Countess, Made in China


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How many times can I use the screen before having to rinse it?

    This really depends on your airbrushing technique, but in general, 2-3 times. If you make light, even layers across the surface of the screen and stencil and build the color slowly to the darker color you're trying to achieve, the color hitting the screen, stencil, and cookie will have a moment to dry a bit before more color hits it--meaning it's less likely that you'll accidentally transfer color to your next cookie. If, however, you spray too much color too quickly, the excess color will build up on top of the screen, stencil, and cookie, and you will have to rinse the assembly more frequently.

  • I feel like I'm using more airbrush color than normal when I use the Magic Screen. Am I doing something wrong?

    Probably not! You will always use more color any time you are using a silk screen product of any kind, simply because there is now a barrier between your airbrush gun and the cookie that is catching some of that color.

  • How do I wash my Magic Screen? 

    It couldn't be easier! Simply rinse the screen with warm running water until clean. Allow to air dry, or press gently between paper towels (being careful to not bend the screen).

  • Does the Magic Screen stain over time?

    Nope! The stainless steel mesh will rinse clean with running water.

  • I'm having a hard time seeing through the Magic Screen for placement. What's the trick?

    Because the screen is made from a stainless steel mesh, it does naturally have a silver color. If the lighting in your decorating area isn't great, this can occasionally make stencil placement a little tougher. The best thing you can do is improve your overhead lighting situation. Alternatively, simply rinse the screen every 1-2 cookies instead of every 2-3.

  • Will this work in conjunction with my stencil holder?

    The Magic Stencil Screen will work well with the square frames of both the Stencil Genie and the Sweetest Tiers Stencil Holder. It may not, however, work properly with the Sweet Sugarbelle stencil holder due to the way it snaps together in various shapes.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 211 reviews
L.D. (Glenwood, US)
Love this

This is so much better than just spraying without, I love this screen.

D.D.D.C. (Pittsfield, US)
Makes a Huge Difference!

Helps a lot with airbrushing, provides a clean finish with less splotches.

Marci (Frisco, US)
Great tool!

Just started airbrushing. The use of the magic stencil screen really helps keep my airbrushing crisp!

Melissa (Chesapeake Beach, US)
Game Changer

Love the cleanliness of the image, thanks to this product. It is a game changer when it comes to have clean lines with an airbrush technique.

Deb W (Hummelstown, US)
Magic Stencil Screen gives airbrushing a magical touch

When I started airbrushing my cookies several years ago the images often were blurry. With the use of the Magic Stencil Screen the images always come out clean and clear. It does take a little practice to line up the stencil with the screen. I use a small flashlight to help see through the screen and line up the stencil and the cookie. Once you get the technique down you’ll be extremely happy with the end result 😀