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Live Replay! Q & A on your questions!

Live Replay! Q & A on your questions!


Hillary Ramos

The countess herself 👑

What's better than one cookier? Three!

We have been having so much fun doing our weekly Live broadcasts with all of you! This week we tried something a little different and had all 3 of The Cookie Countess bakers to sit in on our first Q & A. Viewers sent in questions ahead of time to be answered Live. 

What you'll find by watching this Live replay, is that a lot of cookie making comes down to personal preference. Sure there are undeniable facts: like sugar cookies need to be baked. But recipes, and techniques vary from person to person - and that's ok. That's how a cookier creates their own style. Your personal style comes though in not only your decorating choices, but your recipes, packaging, etc. But how do your find your personal style? This comes with experimentation and practice. Lots, and lots of practice. But this may be a blog article for another day ;) 

Here's the list of the questions - and the times when - we answered in this video.

1:15 What kind of projector do you recommend?  Link to Sarah's favorite Akaso here. Link to the Lucida app that Wil uses here. I busted out my KopyCake machine which I have had for 10 years! It's obviously not high tech, and I would opt for an electronic projector if buying something today. But It still works after all these years! 

6:10 What kind of baking mats do you suggest to use with your mesh mats? Looking for mesh baking mats? Find them here

7:30 Do you have any tips for drying layers of icing? Patience would be our biggest tip! ;)

10:32 Is non-toxic metallic highlighter on a cookie safe to consume? Sarah did an amazing video tutorial about paints and dusts here.

12:19 How do you make cookies shinier? We have lots of answers for this one. 

13:45 How can I prevent bleeding between colors? 

16:05 Tips for using and drying the Magic Stencil Screen?

17:49 Baking powder - What's the deal?

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