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How to Make a Strawberry Basket Cookie Set

How to Make a Strawberry Basket Cookie Set

A creative cookie idea for Mother's Day, 4th of July cookies, or any time! Follow the tutorial below for easy to make strawberry shaped cookies and blueberry cookies. Recipes and tools are listed.

berry shaped cookies in a basket

Supplies needed, linked:

colors used for the berry cookies


Strawberry Cookie Direction

Bake and cool your strawberry cutout cookies, we recommend using this delicious no-spread sugar cookie recipe.

Thin and color one bowl of royal icing (recipe here) colored with Royal Red Velvet gel food color. Let the icing sit for 2 hours to develop into a bright red.

Flood the body of your strawberry cookie with red icing.

Thin and color your second bowl of royal icing with Glowing Green gel.

While the red icing is still wet, use Glowing Green royal icing that is the same consistency as your red icing and dot on your berry seed.

Using a scribe or toothpick, gently pull the green icing down to make the seed shape.

After the red icing has dried for about 2 minutes, use stiff Glowing Green royal icing to pipe on the leaves using a leaf tip.

making a strawberry shaped cookie

Blueberry Cookie Direction

Thin and color one bowl of royal icing colored with Storm Blue gel food color. Let the icing sit for 2 hours to develop into a deep blue.

Flood your round blueberries and let dry for 5 minutes.

With stiff black royal icing and a writing tip, pipe a small star shape off center of the blueberry to be the "crown".

Let all cookies dry 24 hours before packaging in berry crates.

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