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How many cookies can you stencil with royal icing in a row before having to clean the stencil?

How many cookies can you stencil with royal icing in a row before having to clean the stencil?

Thirteen. Or three. Seven? It could be anywhere in between, honestly. It really depends on how quickly you can move while you’re stenciling!

What makes us have to rinse the stencil off in between cookies in the first place? Two things:

1. Not being able to see your cookie underneath the dirty stencil to get perfect placement.

2. Crusty, drying royal icing starting to scrape into your fresh royal icing.

To that end, let’s get set up for success and do what we can to make the process streamlined.

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Assuming you are using the same cookie shape over and over, the first step will be to use painter’s tape or marker to outline your Stencil Genie on your mat, parchment, Counter Cover, etc. This will create a frame in which you’ll place your Stencil Genie every time you lift and replace it.

Next, place your cookie within that square and get your Stencil Genie and stencil design situated perfectly over the cookie. Carefully remove the Stencil Genie, leaving the cookie in place. Using an edible marker, carefully mark the outer edges of the cookie on your mat or parchment. This will give you the exact location and orientation for where you’ll want to place your new cookie every time.

Place your first cookie in this location, and put the Stencil Genie into place in the marked-out square. Use royal icing to stencil your design as desired, then remove the Stencil Genie and the completed cookie. Place a new cookie in the edible marker outline, and then replace the Stencil Genie within the frame. Stencil the design, and switch to the next cookie. Rinse and repeat—wait, no rinsing needed!

By making it so that we know exactly where to place the cookie and the Stencil Genie every time, it doesn’t matter if you can’t perfectly see that your stencil is centered—it is! And the more quickly you are able to move, the less the royal icing on your stencil will be able to crust over and start to become a problem. When you start to notice you aren’t getting a smooth scrape anymore, that’s when it’s time to rinse and dry your stencil so that you can continue. We were able to stencil a dozen cookies without batting an eye, and we definitely could have kept going!  

One note: once you remove the stencil from the Stencil Genie, you are affecting the placement of your cookies, so make sure that the edible marker lines are still in the correct location once you put the freshly-cleaned stencil back in place. Make any adjustments as needed before getting started again. Once you eliminate time-wasters like situating your Stencil Genie into the correct place, your stenciling operation will run like a well-oiled machine, saving you time and money!

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Kiesha - February 4, 2023

Thabks for the great tips, Team CC! I never thought about marking the outer edges of where the cookie would be placed under the Stencil Genie or using the edible marker on the Counter Topper. #GameChanging

Diane Goedert - February 20, 2023

You guys are the best. If I ever have a question you are there for me. I never met anyone company like the CookieCountess
The Cookie Countess replied:
Thank you Diane!

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