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Grocery Store Hack! Airbrushed Macarons

Grocery Store Hack! Airbrushed Macarons

Having an an airbrush is a superpower. No, seriously. Hear me out. You bought your airbrush to use on cookies, but did you know that you can airbrush lots of other foods? Having a grocery store hack in your "back pocket" is a great way to whip up some last minute treats.

While shopping at Trader Joe's recently I discovered the cutest heart shaped macarons for Valentine's Day. They were the perfect size for me to airbrush with one of our mini conversation hearts stencils! Macarons are taller than cookies, so it was a slight balancing act when stenciling using the Stencil Genie, but I still found this to be the most effective way.  Because it's such a small stencil, and short amount of airbrushing, it was also easy to hold the side of the Stencil Genie while airbrushing. I used our Royal Red Velvet airbrush color for all the macarons. And I used one stencil, so it was a super fast process. You could put these back in the box they came in, for safe keeping. Or if they don't have too far to travel, you can put them in one of our super cute printed heart bags

All done! And if you want to tell your friends you made the macarons yourself, your secret is safe with me! 

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