Easy Fall Leaves Dip & Swirl Cookies
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Easy Fall Leaves Dip & Swirl Cookies

Easy Fall Leaves Dip & Swirl Cookies

These colorful autumn leaves cookies are easy and delicious! Dipping cookies is a great way to ice cookies, and kids love it.

For this recipe, we used All Natural Gingerbread Mix, but any cookie recipe will do.

Dipping Marbled Cookies - Four Rules to Success

1. For this recipe, you'll want what's called a flood consistency for your icing. That means the icing will be runny, similar pancake batter. This will let you colors blend together!

2. In your dipping bowl, have 1 base color like white or cream, and drizzle your fun colors over the top. Don't mix the colors into the base, just swirl them.

3. Hold the edges of the cookie as you dip, and use a scribe tool (or chopstick) to sweep up the drip into the cookie. Some drips off the edge will happen, it's okay!

4. Set them down on a flay dry and don't touch them for at least 4 hours until they are dry to the touch.

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    Sarah - December 1, 2022

    Does this work for cookies that have a heart shaped cutout in the center?
    The Cookie Countess replied:

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