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Cookie Packaging: Think Inside the Box

Cookie Packaging: Think Inside the Box

So you are all finished with your cookie order (it came out great, by the way!), and now you have to figure out how to get it from your kitchen to your customer without damaging any of those fantastic details you spent so much time on. We are well familiar with this dilemma, so we spent a lot of time designing and testing (and RE-designing and RE-testing) cookie boxes that are sturdy and functional and can up your cookie packaging game to the next level. There are so many great options, so let’s discuss!

Single Cookie Boxes

These small 4.75” square boxes are fantastic for giving individual cookies as gifts or favors! Sturdier than just using a cookie bag alone, you can also tuck a PYO palette and brush behind your cookie—or even a gift card for an extra treat.

Good Things Cookie Box

You can never go wrong with giving 2-3 cookies as a gift, and this box is perfect packaging for that! The large top window allows you to show off your work—and there’s always room to include a gift card! Perfect for giving cookie gifts to teachers, postal workers, your hairdresser—this box is a great option for small orders!

Large Boxes: Hip to Be Square and Cookie Platter

Did you make a set with a dozen or so medium-to-large cookies? Then these boxes are for you! They are great sizes for laying your bagged cookies flat, and the extra large top window allows you (and your customer) to really see all of those gorgeous cookies at a glance. Also great for large orders of macarons, decorated chocolate-covered Oreos, or even pastries! One other benefit: once assembled, these boxes are STURDY! Minimal flexibility means that your cookie art stays that much safer.


Cookie Cubes

These innovative boxes (invented here at The Cookie Countess!) could not be cuter for displaying your cookies in a super secure and functional way. Able to fit 8-36 cookies (depending on which size you choose), these boxes allow your cookies to stand on their edge and be displayed for everyone to see. The clear windows allow you to show off your work, the integrated handle makes transport a breeze, and the inner compartment allows for more cookie storage, PYO or DIY cookie supplies, party favors—basically whatever you want!

Can’t make up your mind on which box is the right one? For a limited time only, grab our Cookie Box Sampler Set, which includes two of each box. This is a great opportunity to see what works for your cookie packaging needs! Don’t wait—get them while they last!  

Assembly videos for all boxes can be found at

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