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Choco-Egg Shakers

Choco-Egg Shakers

Easter is all about family. Having different activities to do with the kids during the holiday is a great way to have fun and create memories. In my house, a craft that can also be eaten is always a hit! 

Today I'm going to show you how to make chocolate Easter egg shakers! This is a perfect activity for kids, because the only "baking" is in the microwave, you can have fun being a little messy, and the eggs will look great no matter what. 

Supplies needed:

  • "chocolate" candy melts - you can find these at almost any baking supply store or a store like Michael's or JoAnn
  • powdered food color designed for chocolate  - only needed if you only have white candy melts. Or you can buy different color melts and skip this step. 
  • bowls for melting and mixing 
  • spatula 
  • piping bags
  • egg mold 
  • candy or sprinkles of choice to fill the eggs


    How to make:

    1. Melt candy according to packaging directions. Separate into multiple bowls, if using food color. If you already have different color candy melts, melt each into its own bowl and move to step 3. 
    2. Add powdered food color to achieve desired color and mix thoroughly.
    3. Spoon each color into its own piping bag and tie off.
    4. When ready to use, cut the very tip of the bag off to make a small opening.
    5. Drizzle the different colors over the entire mold - great step for the kids to have fun being "messy". Allow to dry for a few minutes.
    6. Coat the inside of the molds with white chocolate. Shake and rotate the mold around to ensure that the entire opening is covered with white. Spoon out any excess, so you are left with a cavity. 
    7. Let sit until the chocolate is hardened 
    8. Pop the eggs out of the mold and fill half with small candy or sprinkles of choice
    9. Use a small amount of chocolate to "glue" together the 2 halves. If the chocolate in your piping bags has gotten too hard, you can pop the whole bag into the microwave for 10 seconds and knead to soften.

      To package your treats, these colorful egg cartons make for the perfect presentation.

      Have fun creating something sweet today! 




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