3 Easy Chocolate Covered Oreos For Halloween
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3 Easy Chocolate Covered Oreos For Halloween

3 Easy Chocolate Covered Oreos For Halloween

Today we're decorating 3 different spooky (but sweet) chocolate covered Oreos! 

These are a great dessert idea for Halloween parties, October lunchbox treats, or to offer as a set to customers. You can easily customize the colors and designs of this set to fit your personal decorating style, too. 


For the Oreo's

For the royal icing transfers:

Making Royal Icing Transfers:

If you haven't tried this technique before, this is a great tutorial to start experimenting with royal icing transfers. All you'll need is different colors of royal icing and a sheet of parchment paper. 

You can freehand the designs if you want, or use this template we made. To use the template, simply print it out on a sheet of regular printer paper and slide it under your parchment paper. You'll be able to see the design peek through and trace the shaped with royal icing in tipless bags. 



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