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4 Easy Back To School Cookie Ideas For Teachers

4 Easy Back To School Cookie Ideas For Teachers

Start the school year off sweet with these 4 easy ideas for back to school cookies for teachers. 

A delicious treat is a great way to show the educators in your life how much they're appreciated. No matter your skill level, there's something here for everyone!

Find the entire Back To School collection here. 


1. Teacher Fuel - Custom Latte Cup

This cookie is so easy to customize. You can write the teachers name on the front, or go outside the box and leave a nice note or funny teacher pun. The colors we used are listed below, but you really can't go wrong with picking a color scheme for this cookie - it always turns out adorable. 


2. Custom Composition Notebook

This composition notebook heart cookie is a good option if you don't have the time for multiple layers of icing to dry - just airbrush the stencil on top of a flooded cookie, write a message or name in the blank space and pop it into a bag before handing it off to the teachers. 


4. No Airbrush Notebook Stripes

Make a personalized cookie using only two items: a stencil scraper and edible markers! Have the student write their own message to make it even cuter. This cookie is perfect for the cookier who wants the look of an airbrushed notebook stencil but hasn't started using an airbrush machine yet. Using just an edible marker and a stencil scraper, you can have a heartfelt and delicious cookie that's guaranteed to bring a smile to their teachers face. 


4. Chalkboard Message - Welcome Back! 

You can't go wrong with this classic back to school themed cookie. Let the teachers know how glad you are to see their smiling faces after summer vacation with a welcome back chalkboard message, or personalize it to say anything you want!


Find the entire Back To School collection here. 

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