Stencil Storage Pocket Pages - Pack of 5

by The Cookie Countess
$ 39.95
$ 31.99

Bundle of 5 packs! 50 pages in all!

Each Cookie Countess storage page pack come 10 pages to a pack and measure 12" x 12" pages, with 4 pockets per page. So you can easily fit 40 stencils... or 80 if you double up per pocket - it's a tight squeeze but doable!

We recommend using the cards the stencil come with, or 6"x6" card stock as backing to the stencil to slide them in and out of the pockets. These pages will fit any standard 3 ring binder that is at least 13" x 15". Each of the 3 binder holes are approx. 4.25" apart. 


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