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Take $5 off $50 with code FEBFIVE (Cannot be combined with other discount codes)
Take $5 off $50 with code FEBFIVE (Cannot be combined with other discount codes)

Happy Birthday Stencil

Original price $ 5.50 - Original price $ 5.50
Original price
$ 5.50
$ 5.50 - $ 5.50
Current price $ 5.50

Stencil with "Happy Birthday" four ways.

  • Overall size approximately 5.5" x 5.5".
  • For easiest application, use with the Cookie Countess Stencil Adaptor Set.
  • PINK sections in image are the open sections.
  • Stencils are 5mil Food Grade plastic, washable and reusable.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews

Perfect. Fits different size cookies

Thank You stencil

very useful for me. It is sturdy and as the picture shows can be used on various size cookies and various script.

Jane Firestone
Happy Birthday Stencil

I'm very happy with this one. Having differnet options with lettering on one stencil is perfect and it has held up for many uses.

Margaret Key
Minority opinion

This is the only Cookie Countess product I've not absolutely loved. I bought it together with the adapter set but because the 4 messages are so close together, I found it difficult to isolate only the part I wanted between the 2 layers from the adapter set. Then stencil clean-up took longer because of washing all the pieces (stencil + 2 adapters) so I found myself rushing to try to get more cookies done between washes. Quality suffered a little. I can tell I'm in the minority but I would prefer 2 stencils with 2 messages on each and more space between. That said, the set of cookies looked really cute with all the different fonts used. I usually stencil with royal icing from a bowl but gave up on that with this set, and used piping bags to hold the icing because in the time it was taking to clean and realign the 3-pc stencil set, I was getting some crusting in my bowl of icing. I'm a newbie so maybe I just need more practice?


I love having different styles on one stencil sheet.