Cookie Countess Single-action Airbrush Gun .4mm Nozzle
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Cookie Countess Single-action Airbrush Gun .4mm Nozzle

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Need an extra gun to go with your Royale Max or Mini Airbrush System? Sometimes its great to have a back-up!

  • The same .4mm nozzle gun that comes with our own system.
  • Gun measures 5.5" from nozzle to tail
  • Comes in protective case with a dropper and wrench for disassembly.
  • Not compatible with a dual-action compressor.
  • Looking for an extra air hose? Replacement hoses for the Royale Max and Mini systems can be found here. Find the white hose for previous models here.   

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can I airbrush chocolate?

    Standard airbrush colors are water-based, and they will not work with chocolate.  Oil-based colors would be required to airbrush chocolate, but these can leave excessive residue in airbrush guns, so deep cleaning would be required of any gun used for this purpose.

  • Is this gun good for airbrushing metallic shimmer colors?

    We recommend using the .5mm nozzle gun for thicker colors like metallics and white. The slightly larger nozzle can allow those larger particles to flow more easily.

  • My airbrush gun sprays color without the trigger being pulled. Is it broken?

    Not necessarily! Color spraying without the trigger being pulled is typically a sign that the needle has moved out of its correct position inside the gun, allowing that unauthorized flow of color. Follow the tutorial here to make the required quick fix.

  • Can I just use any kind of food coloring in these guns?

    No-- airbrush guns take a specific type of food coloring that is very thin and watery so as to not clog the guns. Any color you use should be specifically labeled as safe for use with airbrush systems. You can find our whole line of Cookie Countess airbrush colors here.

  • What should I use to clean my airbrush gun? Alcohol?

    Using alcohol to clean your gun is not necessary; plain warm water should do the trick! The key is to rinse and rinse repeatedly, until the gun sprays completely clean.  Follow our cleaning tutorial here.

  • Do I need to fully disassemble my gun for cleaning every time I finish using it?

    Absolutely not! In fact, this is a good way to damage or lose one of the small, delicate parts of your gun. If you follow the cleaning instructions above, your gun should remain in good condition with no clogs. The only time you should take your gun apart is if you have developed a clogged nozzle that can't be cleared with thorough rinsing (follow this tutorial to use a cleaning kit to clean your airbrush gun).

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