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PYO Paint Palettes - Halloween

$ 6.99

PYO Paint Palettes! Save time on your PYO cookies orders. No need to make an additional paint palette. Edible paint in 4 colors (colors appear darker then final result) - orange, purple, yellow and green. A perfect palette for FALL cookies, Pumpkins, Witches, Parties... you name it! 

  • Palettes come 12 to a pouch.
  • Leave in pouch until time to use.
  • 3 year shelf life. Avoid moisture until it's time to use.
  • Each palette is 3.25” x 3.25”, color circles are 1.5”. 
  • The paper backing on the palettes is FDA-approved food grade paper. Paper is not edible.
  • Kosher certified (OU)
  • Use care when opening pouch with scissor as not to cut palettes.

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