Tipless Piping Bags

by The Cookie Countess
$ 5.50

Go tipless! Hate the mess of cleaning tips and piping bags? These bags are for you!

Disposable and with a closed point, so you can cut it to whatever size opening you want. Not familiar with tipless bags? Read about them here

At The Cookie Countess we offer 2 different thickness and 2 sizes  in each thickness. The 8" size is great for detail work and piping. The 10" can handle more icing, perfect for flooding. 

Why 2 thicknesses? Our 40 micron thickness is a sturdy (more traditional tipless bag), with a puckered appearance, made from LDPE plastic. The 55 micron is an even thicker bag, with a smooth plastic finish, made from HDPE.

Why would you choose one over the other? Well in all honesty it may come down to how they feel in your hand. The thinner LDPE has a softer feel than the thicker HDPE - personal preference may led you to like one over the other. Or if you plan to pop a tip inside the bag for star tips, etc... the thicker one will hold that tip better. Or if you are using your bag as more of an icing "pod" to drop in a thick bag with tip, just go with the thinner. Try them both and see! 

  • See photos for size references. Price is for a 100 pack. 
  • Want clips to clip off the end of your bag and keep your icing from flowing out? Check these out! 


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