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Sugar Cookie Recipe for Cookie Cutters

Sugar Cookie Recipe for Cookie Cutters

Here's my favorite, easy sugar cookie recipe for cookie cutters. This is the most popular recipe on our website, thousands of people around the world make this recipe every year!

Baking Sugar Cookie FAQ

How many cut out cookies can I make from one batch?

Yield will greatly depend on the size of the cookies you are making - but you will get about 3 dozen 3" cookies. You can halve this recipe for a smaller batch.

How do I keep cut out cookies from burning?

Use Mesh Cookie Baking Mats (link) or parchment on your baking sheets to keep your cookies from burning and spreading.

How long do I bake cut out cookies for?

Bake at 350 degrees for 10-15 minutes, until cookies have just started to turn golden brown around the edges. For best results bake similar sized cookies on the same cookie sheet.

If I have 2 cookie sheets in the oven at once, I like to swap them halfway through, so they cook more evenly.

Should I turn on convection to bake my cookies?

I don't use my oven on convection as I find it cooks my cookies too fast and sometimes burns them. You may need to experiment with your oven for best results.

Where can I buy unique cookie cutters?

The Cookie Countess online store sells over 200 styles of cookie cutters for Christmas, Halloween, birthdays, baby showers, and more!

How do you store the cookies until you are ready to decorate them?

If you're only storing them for a day or two, an airtight container in the fridge will be fine. Any longer, and I'd recommend freezing them. You can read our blog article about How To Freeze & Defrost Sugar Cookies here. 

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Linda - March 13, 2023

Can I substitute margarine for butter and add almond extract too along with the vanilla?

Thank you
The Cookie Countess replied:
You should be able to substitute margarine for butter without too much issue, although you would then likely have to add salt as well. You may also want to add a butter emulsion to make up for the butter flavor you lose in the substitution. And you certainly can add almond extract with vanilla! This recipe actually stands up very well to flavor substitutions 😊

Christine - February 20, 2023

How do you store the cookies until you are ready to decorate them? I will probably make and bake one day then decorate the next day.
The Cookie Countess replied:
If you’re only storing them for a day or two, an airtight container in the fridge will be fine. Any longer, and I’d recommend freezing them 🥰

Sam - January 17, 2023

Can the recipe be reduced by half? I’m hoping to have a quick small batch.
The Cookie Countess replied:
Yes, you should be able to half this recipe with no issues!

Kim - January 18, 2023

Can I use lemon extract instead of zest for same effect? If so how much would you recommend?
The Cookie Countess replied:
Yes, you can definitely add lemon extract instead. Start with 1tsp, and if you want it to be more lemon-y, add another as needed.

Sophia Martinez - December 21, 2022

Hello, can the cookie recipe be doubled .
Also , I cannot find my whisk attachment for the royal icing. Would there be a problem in using the paddle attachment through the process?
Thank you 😊
The Cookie Countess replied:
Yes, you can double the recipe! The only portion of the royal icing recipe that really should be whisked is the water and meringue powder, which you could definitely just use a handheld whisk for and use the paddle attatchment for the rest 😊

Recie Haley - December 20, 2022

Great recipe! Could I add orange zest, orange flavoring and dried cranberries to this recipe without altering any other ingredients?
The Cookie Countess replied:
We haven’t tried that with this recipe, but that sounds like a delicious idea!

Michelle - December 20, 2022

Will it make a difference to use unsalted butter?
The Cookie Countess replied:
If you’re using unsalted butter, just add a pinch of salt to compensate and you should be okay!

Ginny - January 12, 2023

How many times can I reroll the scraps of dough?
The Cookie Countess replied:
Theoretically, as many as you need. The baked cookie will look a little flakier the more times the dough has been re rolled, but this should not affect the taste.

Katherine - December 15, 2022

Will this dough hold the shape/lines of a cookie stamp? I have a character cookie cutter that has a separate face that is stamped on. I need the lines for icing guides.
The Cookie Countess replied:
Yes, but I would say to pop it in the fridge for 10-15 minutes before baking to make sure it’s extra cold!

Eneida - December 14, 2022

Hi! Thank you for sharing so many useful information.
When I bake my cookies, they shrink a little bit. How can I avoid that?
The Cookie Countess replied:
Hi Eneida! Shrinking is typically due to overworked dough. I would recommend trying to avoid overmixing, and also chilling the dough in the fridge before you bake it may help!

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