Make Mini Garden Seedling Cookies
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Make Mini Garden Seedling Cookies

Make Mini Garden Seedling Cookies

Cookie seedlings in chocolate cake "dirt" are a treat to make and eat! Kids and adults will love these cute cookies that make a great centerpiece at a garden party.

Video tutorial below!

mini carrot shaped sugar cookies

Mini vegetable shaped sugar cookies


Products used (linked):

Mini Mermaid Tail Cookie Cutter

Egg Cartons

Gel colors: Gourmet Green (stems), Positively Purple (turnip), Outrageously Orange (Carrot), Ivory Towers (Parsnip), 

Edible Art Paint in Red

Food safe paint brushes

PME Supatube Leaf Tip #50

1 baked and cooled sheet of chocolate cake or brownies

Mini cupcake liners

Popsicle sticks


Here are some other root vegetables for inspiration:

some common root vegetables

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