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Make Mini Garden Seedling Cookies

Make Mini Garden Seedling Cookies

Spring is for gardens, and what is cuter than a garden of cookie seedlings growing in chocolate cake "dirt"?!? These are a treat to make AND eat! Kids and adults alike will love these cute cookies that make a great centerpiece at a garden party. My favorite thing about this set is that you only use the one cookie cutter to make several slightly different shapes! And bonus--it's a cookie cutter flip, meaning that we use a cutter that isn't meant for this particular purpose, but which we already had on hand anyways. Let's get started!

Products used (linked):

Mini Mermaid Tail Cookie Cutter

Paint Palette

Egg Cartons

Gel colors: Gourmet Green (stems), Positively Purple (turnip), Outrageously Orange (Carrot)

Airbrush colors: Ivory Towers, Positively Purple, Totally Brown, Whipped White

Edible Art Paint in Red

Food safe paint brushes

PME Supatube Leaf Tip 51

1 baked and cooled sheet of chocolate cake or brownies

Extra-large piping tip or extra-small round cutter (for cutting the cake/brownies into small rounds)

Mini cupcake liners

Popsicle sticks

Here are some other root vegetables for inspiration:

Seedling Video Tutorial Below!

First, use the mini mermaid tail cutter to cut out as many cookies as you're going to want (I always make extra-- so I can do some quality control sampling, of course. Plus, once they're decorated like carrots, you're basically eating vegetables, amiright?). Flip them around, with the "tail" at the top. Next, use your fingers to pinch the "waist" of the dough into the vegetable shape you want; carrots, parsnips, radishes--all these seedlings are pretty similar, with some just being longer and thin, and others being shorter and squat. Don't forget to adjust the "fins" of the cutout dough into the leafy shape we'll use it for when decorating!

How to Decorate the Different Vegetables


Flood the body of your carrots using orange royal icing. Allow to dry, and use a thin paintbrush with a small amount of orange airbrush color to draw on some lines to give the carrot dimension. Use a PME 51 piping tip and some stiff green royal icing to pipe on some leafy stems.


Flood the body of the radish with white royal icing. Use a paintbrush and some red Sweet Sticks EdibleArt paint to paint the body of the radish, remembering to leave some white at the bottom. Pipe some simple stems using stiff green royal icing in a tipless bag cut with a small hole; switch that same icing to a bag with a PME 51 piping tip to add leaves.


Just like the radish, flood the body of your turnip with white royal icing. Airbrush the body with ivory airbrush color (or just flood in ivory, if you prefer to not airbrush). Allow to dry, and then use a mix of white, purple, and brown airbrush color to make a beautiful earthy paint color that you can use to paint your turnips. Make sure to leave some of the ivory showing through--no need to be too "perfect" with this painting. Add some thin purple stems of stiff royal icing and then pipe on the leafy greens (just like with the radish).


Again, flood the body of the parsnip with white royal icing and airbrush it with ivory airbrush color (or flood with ivory royal icing). Once completely dry, use Ivory Towers airbrush color and a thin paintbrush to add some lines to our parsnip. Use the same stiff green icing and PME 51 piping tip to add leaves, and you're all done!

How to Make Edible "Dirt" for Your Seedlings

This part is my favorite! Place mini cupcake liners in your egg cartons. Make a sheet of brownies or a simple chocolate sheet cake. Allow them to fully cool. Use an extra large piping tip or an extra small round cookie cutter to cut out small circles of "dirt"; the key is that they need to fit in the mini cupcake liners.

Plant your "seedlings" upright in their individual dirt patches and add a labeled popsicle stick for some extra flair.

These should be eaten right away, as the cake or brownies can start to dry out.

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