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How to Create an Argyle Pattern with Stencils and Airbrush

If you were to ask me which cookie design I get the most emails about, it has to be this Argyle Heart Hillary made years ago. For Cookie Countess customers, this cookie is their Roman Empire (if you know, you know). This design lives in their heads rent-free, and emails about how to recreate the argyle look come in year-round. So let's break it down step by step and product by product, shall we?

Products Needed

With the exception of the flood icing, this cookie is entirely airbrushed. To recreate this exact pattern, you'll need the following:

If you find your concentrated airbrush colors to be a little too dark for your design, you can also add a drop or two of Whipped White airbrush color to your gun well to make the red and pink a little more vivid and less dark. 

The Process

  1. Load your airbrush gun with Preppy Pink airbrush color and apply the Harlequin background stencil. Use a Thingamagenie to gently hold down the edges of the stencil design as needed to minimize underspray. Allow to dry.
  2. Rinse your gun and load it with Royal Red Velvet airbrush color (this is one of those cases where having an extra gun on hand can be a big help, so you can have a second gun loaded and ready to go).
  3. Center the Argyle Lines stencil over the Harlequin pattern, and airbrush the red lines (**please note that these two stencils were not designed specifically to work together! They happen to work well over the center of the patterns, but as you get closer to the edges, you may see them start to become off-center).
  4. BEFORE lifting the Argyle Lines stencil away, quickly spritz the design with sparkle dust. The dust will stick to the still-wet airbrush color, but it will be blocked from the rest of the design by the stencil. Lift the stencil away, and your argyle design is complete. 

As you can see, this argyle cookie design is a lot simpler than it looks, but it definitely makes an impact! Show off your argyle skills by mixing up the colors, and have fun!

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