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3 Ways To Use Gel Food Color In Your Macarons

3 Ways To Use Gel Food Color In Your Macarons

Our Gel Food Colors can be used in just about anything - macarons included! Today we're talking about the 3 best ways to start experimenting with using Gel Food Color in your macaron recipes. 

Macaron 101 Recipes:

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1. Solid Color

Just one or two drops of our super pigmented Gel Food Color will turn your plain macarons into a work of art.

Gel colors are excellent for macarons because they have a lot of pigment with a small amount of moisture. Using liquid food colors will make your batter too runny and negatively affect the outcome of your macs.

Use each gel color on their own or put your artist hat on and create a new, unique color combination you've never tried before! The possibilities are endless. 

2. Tie - Dye

To make tie-dye macarons, take your batter and divide it into 3 bowls. In each bowl, tint the batter to your desired color. We recommend leaving one bowl white to act as a background color.

Inside a large 12" piping bag, layer your colors as shown in the graphic below, being careful not to mix the colors together too much.

It's so satisfying to watch them swirl together as you pipe, and each one will be a little different and unique. 

3. Rainbow Paint Splatter

This rainbow paint splatter design is so easy, we think your toddler could do it. In fact - we know they could!

To create this look, add two drops of water to one drop of gel food color in a small bowl or paint palette. Use a food safe art brush to pick up some of the paint, place it on top of another art brush, and tap it over the macarons to create the splatter effect, as shown in the graphic below.

You can also use your finger to pull back the bristles of the brush and get the same splatter effect, but you might be stuck with blue fingers for the rest of the day.

The best part of this design is that like the tie-dye macarons, no two will be the same. In other words, you really can't mess these up. 

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