Sweetapolita Sprinkle Pack Gift Pack - MAKE ME BLUSH

by Sweetapolita
$ 29.00

This girly and sparkly MAKE ME BLUSH Sweetapolita Sprinkle Pack contains 3 of our favourite dollface-inspired twinkle medleys in the 4oz/half cup bottles (NET WT 100g each):

★ ALL DOLLED UP Twinkle Sprinkle Medley
★ COSMOS + CUPCAKES Twinkle Sprinkle Medley
★ FLAMINGO Twinkle Sprinkle Medley

Perfect for all of your stylish sweets (homemade and otherwise...shh, they'll never know!). Packed in our brand new (and flippin' adorable) pink gift packs, it is the perfect giftable!



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