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Sweetapolita 3 oz Sprinkle Medley - Girls Just Want to Have Sun

$ 8.00



GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE SUN  Sprinkle Medley is a one of a kind mix of some of the sweetest retro-inspired sprinkles in the universe! Girls just want to have SUN, thats all we really want, right? All of the sprinkles in this mix are candy-sweet and yummy on their own. 

This sprinkle mix is the perfect way to make any cake, cupcake, cookie, cake pop, ice cream sandwich or pretty much anything party-ready. Perfect for baby showers, birthday parties and more! 

 Gluten Free, Vegetarian and Kosher



Icing sugar, sugar, fractionated palm kernel oil, corn starch, glucose, soya lecithin, carnauba wax, dextrose, tapioca dextrin, reduced protein whey (milk), cocoa, modified corn starch, calcium stearate, bees wax, gum arabic, artificial colors & flavors (fd&c: red 3, red 40, blue 1, yellow 5, yellow 6)