Dec-Ons Sugar Decorations -Celebracion Assortment

by Dec-Ons
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Dec-Ons Sugar Decorations -Celebraction Assortment.  12 pieces total - There are 4 designs, you will receive 3 of each design. 

So cute, super trendy and oh-so-popular for eye-catching desserts - you gotta decorate with our Dec-Ons® decorations! These fun shapes are made primarily from finely granulated sugar which is molded into various shapes and hand-painted with edible food colors. Find the perfect designs for holidays, everyday events and seasonal trends, all Made in the USA and Orthodox Union Kosher Certified.

Use on cookies, cupcakes, cakes and more! For cookies just "glue" on with a dab of royal icing. Or on a cupcake - just plop in into the frosting! 

Ingredients: Sugar, Egg Whites, Modified Corn Starch and artificial colors. 5 Yr shelf life. Orthodox Union Kosher Certified. 


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