Crystal Colors Crystalized Holly / Ivy

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Crystal Color dusts are made in the US and are US Certified food color. Crystal Colors are also Kosher certified. Gross weight is 1/2 ounce.

Crystal Color Uses & Instructions:

1. Knead crystal color directly into commercially made fondant. Let set for around 2 hours to develop color. Please keep fondant wrapped tightly in plastic bag.

2. Painting: Mix crystal colors with either lemon extract or vodka to paint on cakes, or cookies.

3. Mix Crystal Color with dry ingredients to color food items.

4. Buttercream Icing: mix ¼ teaspoon of crystal color with ½ teaspoon clear vanilla or lemon extract. Then mix into pre-prepared buttercream icing.

5. Mix into candy melts.

6. Sanding sugars or Jimmies may be colored with Crystal Colors. Add small amount of color to sanding sugars or jimmies and shake in a jar. No need to wait for them to dry or break apart after coloring. Ready to use right away.

7. Crystal colors can be mixed into shortening to paint with as well.

8. Crystallized pearl color mixed into isomalt gives a beautiful dispersion of color.

9. Bright white, gold and elegance may be mixed with vodka and be used in an airbrush. This gives a beautiful sheen to cakes and adds a touch of bling to your cakes.

10. Crystal colors mixed with karo syrup can color buttercream or make a heavier looking paint medium.

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