Day of the Dead large Cake Lace Mat

by Claire Bowman
$ 39.99
$ 24.99


Inspired by Dia De Muertos, Cake Lace brings you the Day of the Dead Mat, featuring a range of different designs based on this traditional South American celebration.

The Day of the Dead mat showcases several ‘sugar skull’ designs in varying styles that can be used individually as well as two decorative floral skull lace strips, perfect for wrapping around the side tiers of cakes. The mat also offers more than ten different mini plaque style designs featuring assortments of hearts, skulls and floral compositions. With so many different designs, there is sure to be something that everyone will love.

The Day of the Dead Lace Mat can also be used as an impression mat.

We recommend storing the finished Cake Lace in some greaseproof paper, wrapped closely. Then, wrap that in foil, and store away from strong lights and odors.

You can attach Cake Lace by brushing a tiny amount of water onto your fondant (sugarpaste) or royal icing and gently pressing your Cake Lace onto this. OR you can lightly mist the backside of the lace. Experiment for the technique you find most comfortable.

Cake Lace products are only available for US Shipping.

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