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Roxy & Rich Fondust - Copper (Fleshtone) 4g

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Roxy & Rich FONDUST® is a fantastic coloring product for pastry chefs! 

Easy to use, FONDUST® is a microencapsulated food coloring especially designed for coloring food with very low water content. It can be used to color fondant, sugar work (before or after baking), almond paste, royal icing, buttercream, cake mix, macaroons, decorating gel, candy, etc. Practically everything . . . except pure chocolate.  With FONDUST®, you can achieve very dark colors, like black, red, blue and brown, as well as very bright colors, such as orange, green, pink and violet.  With FONDUST® colors keep their intensity much longer than other food colors. 


  • Highly concentrated color
  • Immediate coloring
  • Does not change food consistency
  • UV-resistant colors
  • Edible - all colors meet FDA and Health Canada food standards 
  • Nut Free, Lactose free, Gluten free, & Vegan 
FONDUST® IS EASY TO USE. SIMPLY KNEAD UP TO 3 G INTO 1 KG OF FONDANT TO ACHIEVE MAXIMUM COLOR INTENSITY. Food products containing titanium dioxide (white pigment) will probably require more FONDUST® to reach maximum color intensity.