Sugar Stamp It's a Boy Stars - E37

by Sugar Stamp
$ 9.99
$ 3.99

You can also use your Sugar Stamps on chocolate, marshmallows, or royal icing transfers as long as there is a slight wet - to dry heating process involved. Experiment and have fun! Do not bake in an oven exceeding 200F. 

Sugar Stamp sheets have a fine layer of sugar, starch and coloring on acetate.  The design will transfer and melt into your dessert with gentle heat. 

Your Sugar Stamps will come with the Sugar Stamp recipe and tips. 

Price is for one sheet. Sheets with individual designs have 54 per sheet. Yield of sheets with overall / background designs will depend on the size of your meringue or other use.

*First picture shows a close-up of the design. Second picture shows the full sheet. 

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